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Getting back to your roots. Saturday Feb. 10th

On this morning workshop herbalist and grower Ross Hennesy will talk about the roots of medicinal plants, their uses, how and when to harvest and how to preserve and prepare.

From the common dandelion root to echinacea , you can be sure you have some medical plants growing in your garden that have great benefit to your health.  This workshop will give you the confidence to dig up and prepare your root crops, while also taking into consideration how to harvest sustainably. On our farm we commercially grow over 60 different medical crops 20 of these would be specifically grown for their root stock. During the workshop we will go out to the farm where Ross will demonstrate various digging and washing techniques for root crops.

On the workshop we will cover:

  • The uses of common Irish and rare foreign plants that are grown for their roots, ie nettle, couch grass, valerian, angelica, rhodiola, goldenseal, dandeloin, echinacea, marshmallow, inula,
  • Their growing requirements
  • When and how to harvest roots
  • Washing and preparing roots
  • Drying and different extraction methods to preserve their medicinal properties.
  • Correct storage of dried roots
  • Tastings

Date: Saturday Feburary 10th ***FULLY BOOKED*** Next date in March, TBA

Time: 10 - 1pm  Tea and coffee from 9.45

Location: Bareroot Botanicals herb farm and nursery, Cliffoney, Co. Sligo (directions)

What to bring: Outdoor wear as we will go outside for about 30 minutes to dig up and wash roots. Notes will be provided so just bring a pen..

Cost: €40 or 2 places for €70, limited spaces.

Payment options: Pay by PayPal using the button below or contact us for bank transfer/cheque/cash

About Bareroot Botanicals

Bareroot Botanicals is a nursery and herb farm based in Co. Clare which specialises in medicinal plants from around the world. It is owned and ran by Iona Herbal Herbalists Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso.

We hope that through our nursery and the courses we run on the farm that we will empower people to use and grow these plants and see an ancient form of natural healing passed onto another generation.

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